What is Kidscan?


Not all kids have the same start in life. The Kidscan Trust is based on the belief that education equals opportunity, and every child, regardless of their social economic background, should have an equal chance. For families struggling to make ends meet, providing raincoats, shoes, food and toiletries for their children can be a real challenge - thousands of Kiwi children go without these basic items. The cold winter weather keeps many at home, while others arrive wet and freezing, unable to concentrate and at risk of illness.

We are delighted to offer all our students raincoats. As the cooler months progress the playground becomes a sea of black as our tamariki fill the playground with the Vodaphone Warriors sponsored raincoats. It is wonderful to see them arrive at school each day warm and dry in their jackets! We also have shoes available for our students.

As part of the programme we have food items for lunch and some health items, like tissues and combs and spray for hair lice treatment, available for all students.

The aim of the programme is to enable students to have the essentials that will help with their attendance and achievement in school.

We’re very excited to be a part of the programme for the benefits it brings our students.

Thank you KidsCan!

We support the Warriors!!